I’ve created this blog to document the beautiful chaotic mess that is my life. I’ll be posting things I like that I feel are worthy of sharing with the people of the internet. If you’re curious about who the hell I am, let me tell you!

My name is Autumn. I am studying to get my Associate’s of Applied Science in Hospitality Management-Baking and Pastry Arts. In addition to that degree I’m also going for two certificates; Event Planning/Management, and Entrepreneurship. I thoroughly enjoy things that are adorable, they bring me joy. Through my college experience thus far I’ve gained a passion for social justice so I’m a big advocate for equal rights. I’m an intersectional feminist (not to be confused with a feminazi, thanks).

I’m finding that people are intimidated by powerful women. It’s fantastic.

My personality type is INFJ if that means anything to you. I’m a very empathetic person and probably one of ┬áthe most laid-back people you’d ever meet. Unfortunately, even though I’m a super sweetheart with a heart of gold, I also have resting bitch face which deters people sometimes…


Hobbies include:

  • browsing Pinterest
  • browsing Facebook
  • watching Criminal Minds
  • drinking coffee
  • reading (I’ll take book suggestions, always!)
  • watching youtube videos
  • baking
  • cake decorating
  • interior decorating
  • drawing