Top 5 Mistakes Managers Make

I’ve had several jobs since I started working. I’ve worked in a pizza shop, a few fast food places, a daycare, a bakery, a college… it’s a spread.

Of all the places I’ve worked, I’ve noticed that managers across the board make very similar mistakes. These mistakes can cause a range of problems from unhappy employees, to employees leaving their jobs.

As you may have heard, it costs a lot more to hire a new employee than to keep a current employee. Businesses lose lots of money due to silly management issues that could easily be fixed. Here are a few common mistakes made by managers:

  1. Calling out employee mistakes.When an employee makes a mistake, too many managers deal with it the wrong way. Many will call the employee out for their mistake in front of the rest of the staff. This causes the employee to feel embarrassed and typically angry.
    The proper way to talk to an employee about a mistake they’ve made is to pull them aside and talk to them about it 1:1. This is the best way to avoid the employee having angry feelings towards the manager. Obviously, you can’t have total control over how the employee reacts to being disciplined, but taking this measure will prevent a commotion in most scenarios.
  2. Blaming multiple people for one person’s mistake.Just like in school when the teacher would punish the whole class for one person’s wrong doing, this happens in the work force. Oftentimes managers put the blame on multiple people even though they know whose fault it actually was.
    For example, when I worked in a daycare there was an instance where one lady was caught leaving a child unattended. The other lady in the room noticed the problem immediately, corrected it, and reported it. Even though this was all caught on camera, and the first woman was clearly at fault, both women were punished and written up.
    The woman who was actually at fault quit the following day, and the woman who was NOT at fault, but held responsible, quit not too long after. A responsible employee quit due to something that was not her fault, an that could have certainly been avoided.
  3. Not holding employees to equal standards.One of the most frustrating things at work is when someone with the same job title as you is not held to the same expectations. One person is showing up late, not doing their job when they are at work, breaking the rules when on the clock, so on and so forth, while the other person is always on time, doing their work and exceeding standards, following all the rules.
    Then one day the good employee has an issue and shows up late. They’re written up for their tardiness. The other employee has never once been written up for their tardiness or inability to follow rules and do their job.
    Eventually the good employee will get sick of this and leave. Make it easier on everyone and keep your good employees by holding everyone to equal standards.
  4. Not giving clear expectations.Sometimes managers expect their employees to do something without giving the clear expectations of what to do. This causes confusion among employees who are trying to meet and exceed expectations. If an employee is not really sure what they’re supposed to be doing, how are they supposed to do their job?
  5. Having poor communication skills.This should go without saying that if you’re going to be managing a group of people, you need to have good communication skills. The best kind of communication is open communication.
    If an employee is doing something wrong, communicate that to them. If they aren’t behaving to the standard of the company, tell them that and tell them what they can do to fix it.  Clear and open communication keeps good employees.

    If you agreed with these points, feel free to share! Is there anything you’d add to this list, or anything you don’t agree with? Feel free to drop a comment below!

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