Getting Organized as a Blogger

Since before I started this blog, I’ve been looking for resources to help me plan out my posts and track my statistics. I’m the kind of person who wants to see my progress on paper and track how far I’ve come, what I can do better, etc.
Pinterest Image getting organized as a blogger.png

Most of the templates I found online (the cute ones that I actually liked) cost money to download. While I am all about supporting other bloggers to increase their income, I just don’t have extra money to pay for documents I have to print myself.

SO, I’ve created a few printables that I’ve been using to plan out my blog posts, track my weekly statistics, and track my monthly statistics. I’m offering them to you all for FREE download! Absolutely no cost. Though it would be awesome if you could share this post so other people can enjoy the freebies too!

I’ve put together 3 PDFs that you can use

  1.  Blog Post Planner
    Use this planner to map out your title, publish date, category, to outline your ideas, and your purpose for posting. There’s also a little section called “workflow” where you can check off once you’ve done different things for your post (like spell check and creating images, etc).
    blog post planner preview
  2.  Weekly Blog Statistics Sheet
    This sheet has room to track two weeks of blog statistics per page. There’s space for you to write down which week it was, the number of views your blog received, the number of visitors, likes, and comments you got!
    weekly blog statistics preview
  3. Monthly Blog Statistics Sheet
    The monthly statistics tracking sheet has enough room to track a whole year’s worth of monthly stats! Again, you have space for the number of views, visitors, likes, and comments. On this sheet you also have a section to write down your top post for that month, and your top referrer for that month (as in, did people come to your site from facebook? pinterest?)

All of the statistics can be found on your site statistics page via wordpress. I’m not sure about other platforms as I’ve only ever used wordpress, but I’m sure there’s somewhere for you to find them!

I hope you enjoy these FREE printables and that they’re helpful for you as a blogger!

I’d love to know if there’s anything you’d add to any of these sheets. Feel free to drop a comment below, and share if you enjoyed the freebies!


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