Types of Guys on Dating Apps

In the age of internet dating, it’s pretty rare to come across a decent guy. The vast majority just want sex. Of the ones who just want sex, most of them lie about what they want. I’m sure there will be more dating app posts to come, because honestly I waste a lot of my time on them.

Pinterest Image Types of guys on dating apps.png

Here you have some of my encounters on a variety of apps.

1. This guy… I’m not sure if he meant “I want to hang out with you” or “I want to bang you”. Either way, he didn’t have much luck.


2. The overly-sensitive one who wants nudes on Kik. Who even uses Kik? Snapchat is where it’s at!


3. The one who wants to “save you” from fucking it up with the “right guy”.


4. The one who greets you with something that makes no sense.


5. The one who just wants to eat you for dinner.


6. The one who insinuates he’s going to rape you. (What the fuck, dude?)


7. The one who wants to purchase you like a pastry.


8. The classy guy.


9. The guy who leads with a novel for a first message. Not weird at all…


10. The perv who doesn’t know how to get laid.



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