Top 5 MUST Try Foods: England

  1. Sausage Roll
       Alright, so, I’ve been to England 6 times and each time I haven’t let myself go home without having a sausage roll. What is a sausage roll, you might ask? Well, it’s ground sausage baked inside buttery, flakey, pastry. It’s so good! I’ve never seen them sold in Ohio. Starbucks tried to do something similar but it was made with a sausage link instead of ground sausage… and just wasn’t nearly as good.My favorite place to get them was from a market in Horsham. There was an older couple that made all different variations of the classic sausage roll. The one I liked most was a blue cheese sausage roll, YUM!
  2. Yorkshire Puddings
       I’ve come to learn that it’s a tradition across England to have a roast dinner on Sunday nights. Roast meat, veggies, potatoes, gravy, and Yorkshire puddings. When someone first mentioned Yorkshire puddings to me, I figured it was some sort of dessert since people in England tend to refer to dessert as “pudding”… (even when it’s not pudding). BUT, they’re actually little popover, pastry type things, made of un-sweetenened batter. They’re quite delicious paired with gravy and roast vegetables!
  3. Full English Breakfast
       Let me tell ya, this is another thing I can’t leave England without having. It’s pretty simple but very enjoyable. A full English “brekkie” consists of fried eggs, sausage, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, baked beans in tomato sauce, and toast.Something I got in the habit of doing while over in England is putting beans on toast. Now I crave it sometimes. I’m not sure if this is something the majority of England does or just the people I was around while there, but it sure is tasty.


  4. Fish & Chips
       YES, YES, I know that England is known for their fish & chips so you already know you should try it while there, but really, get yourself some fish and chips. The best fish and chips come from towns on the coast, but honestly the entirety of England is about as big as Ohio so I’m sure the fish is pretty fresh anywhere. Deep fried in a layer of batter, sprinkled with salt, absolutely delicious. If you like mayo I’d suggest dipping your chips (fries) in it.
  5. Crumpets
       A crumpet is very similar to an English muffin, but I think I enjoyed the crumpet more. It’s a round, soft, bread-like, griddle cake. While cooking, the crumpets form little holes all over, much like an English muffin, which are perfect for holding melted butter after you toast them! MMMMMMmmmm, melted butter.

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