Congratulations, America!

Congratulations America, on your newly elected president. These next four years are going to be the best. Donald Trump is going to make America great again, just like the good old days.


We’re going to bring back the days when everyone was passive about the unbelievable levels of racism and homophobia. We’re going to bring back the days when the only religion you could have without being locked up for terrorism is Christianity. We’re going to blame the minorities for all of our problems and force them to do all of our work for us.

We’re going to bring back the days when people with mental illnesses didn’t get the treatment they needed because their illnesses aren’t “real”. We’re going to bring back the days when it was acceptable to mock and harass disabled people because, hell, are they even real people? We’re going to repeal the whole marriage equality thing, because why should everyone be able to marry who they love? We don’t have to repeal the 13th amendment because we’ve already implemented mass incarceration, which if you didn’t know is the loophole in the 13th amendment. Incarcerated people are slaves of the government.

Don’t all of these things sound wonderful? They align perfectly with this country’s core values. I mean after all we were founded on genocide, rape, and slavery.

So we’re going to take it back to the good old days, when the only people who mattered were cisgender, straight, white men. Women don’t matter, people of color don’t matter, lgbt people don’t matter. The only people who matter are white men. That’s the way this country wants it.


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